HORSES FOR COURSES: People of Different Ability have a new Champion

Claire Byrne loves horses. While some would say that Claire is vision impaired and has congential osteoporosis, they might not realise her VISION for helping people has created a regional attractor: Calisto Park Equestrian Centre.

This is a grassroots whole of community, civic and commercial enterprise with an altruistic heart. Claire and her mother, Janet Butler (A proud Birkdale resident) have worked with property owner, Lorette Wigan, Mens Sheds, Redlands Rotary, Local, State and Federal government representatives, community groups, businesses and individual volunteers to provide safe experiences with horses as part of a program of diversional therapy that is a game changer for local families with differently-abled or disengaged dependants. I attended the opening of CPEC in Sheldon in March, and filmed this story on the day. 

Check this out as a great example of one person’s ability to share a vision that inspires Local Community Action:


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