'In the Light Garden' at Ignite Redlands 2013

'In the Light Garden' at Ignite Redlands 2013 Paul Bishop Arts Evolution

When creative people get together and seek to make their city proud, things like this happen:
 Thanks to RedArts Committee, ArtsLink's 'Animating Spaces' project, supported by Redland City Council and Arts Queensland's RADF Funding.

When Local arts advocates, Elise Parups, Treena Christie and Tania Davidson of Tania's ArtHouse joined forces, they asked Artists Daniel Della Bosca, Karen Benjamin, Carly Kotynski, Richard Brandt Tricia Dobson & Lesa Hepburn to create some some 'Light Art'.

Over 7500 people came to Cleveland that weekend in June to be part of the festivities.
Over 2500 people stopped and stayed to engage with the artworks.

Cleveland CBD came to life.
And it was all co-ordinated by Volunteers.

No incidents, just LOTS & LOTS of happy people!! 

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