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Lemon Tree Local food, it's up to you!

It didn't cost much to buy. It doesn't break down. It doesn't need servicing.
It likes water, occasionally. But it keeps making food.
Someone should patent this kinda thing. Get in quick. Buy now: Eat later. Local food: It's up to you.

Franco the Birkdale Farmer

Food Sustainability is an initiative to support human food futures and urban resilience.
Franco is a local farmer who WANTS TO GROW BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY, ORGANIC FOOD. Such local legends need civic, commercial and community support so their efforts can benefit local people. Franco is a landholder who believes meaning and money are of equal importance, and that both require care, effort and design. For more information contact Paul Bishop 0478…

Family Fun in Beth Boyd Park Birkdale

Paul Bishop attended and filmed a local community event during the summer holidays 2012.
It promotes healthy families & people who engage in 'Local Community Action'.

Electoral Thank You Speech 2012

Local Community Action Democracy is about more than just turning up once every couple of years ... keep in touch!  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0478 836 286

Happy Hounds of Birkdale Barkers

Once upon a time, there was a rickety ol' fence, a mud-puddle entrance & busted gate at Lachlan Street Dog-Off-Leash Area in downtown Birkdale, Division 10, in Redland City Council. Then one day, it came to pass, that the community got together with one mighty voice and a clear idea that they expressed to their local councillor, who passed it on to the amazing officers in Redland City Council. Soon,…

The importance of the Redlands 2030 Community Plan

Our Redland City Community voted for 10 Councillors and 1 Mayor on 28 April, 2012. The 2030 Redlands Community Plan was designed by many thousands of our City's most thoughtful and committed citizens, over a long period of collaboration and deliberation. In the next term of council 2012-2016, councillors will design the next TOWN PLAN, including all development of land, buildings and infrastructure. It is fundamental to our community health,…

Costa on the People's Food Plan

Why 'The People's Food Plan'? Costa explains simply what a vision for 'The People's Food Plan' is starting to look like... To find out more on The People’s Food Plan click here.

Costa - Help local farmers

Can we support our farmers better?  Costa thinks YES! 

Costa - Farmers & Local Economy

Early Summer 2012, Redland City, SEQ, Australia. Costa Georgiadis visits around 100 scouts for their 150th anniversary and helps them plant a native community food forest. Along the way, he finds time to chat with local councillor Paul Bishop about the importance of local food, local farmers and the local economy. What an inspiration! Costa, we are so lucky to have you! Thanks for coming to Redland City. See you…

Carly Kotynski on 'The Making Place'

Redland City, Winter 2013
Artists & Entrepreneurs unite to 'Ignite Redlands' in a community designed and delivered 'light-arts' festival, using Place-Making principles over a 3 day weekend. 'The Making Place' installation by Carly Kotynski was featured 'In the Light Garden' (curated by Elise Parups, Tania Davidson and Treena Christie) during Ignite Redlands, in Cleveland's CBD, Queensland. 'Ignite Redlands' is a RedArts project, supported by ArtsLink's 'Animating Spaces' series, with assistance…

'Roo-the-Poss' has and adventure

One day before Redland City Council Elections, four crows and three magpies were swarming upon a small. slow moving creature...
Jumped the fence & realised it was a very special creature indeed. Nicknamed 'Roo' by my daughter, he is now in good company being looked after with two other orphans of the same age... The Redlands 24 hour Wildlife Rescue is a community volunteer program that responds to calls regarding…

'In the Light Garden' at Ignite Redlands 2013

When creative people get together and seek to make their city proud, things like this happen: Thanks to RedArts Committee, ArtsLink's 'Animating Spaces' project, supported by Redland City Council and Arts Queensland's RADF Funding. When Local arts advocates, Elise Parups, Treena Christie and Tania Davidson of Tania's ArtHouse joined forces, they asked Artists Daniel Della Bosca, Karen Benjamin, Carly Kotynski, Richard Brandt Tricia Dobson & Lesa Hepburn to create some…

Annual Redlands BushCare Social Day 2012

On 7th July 2012, Bush Care Volunteers met at Kindilan Outdoor Education Centre in Redland City for their Annual Social Day, supported by Redland City Council Officers from IndigiScapes. There are more than 40 Bush Care Groups throughout the city, whose active members meet monthly to plant trees, remove invasive weeds, learn from one another and support the health of indigenous flora (and fauna). Many individuals are experts in their…

"The Lemon Farm" and Organic Market, Macleay Island

Local Organic Food Production enhances community health, wealth & wellbeing.
Every Saturday, 'The Lemon Farm' Markets attract locals and visitors to share and exchange ideas and value.
Ecological Entrepreneur, Eleesa Zlatic creates a welcoming place that is inspiring micro-business solutions that help to address the many issues faced by communities who embrace remote 'island life'. The creative community on Southern Moreton Bay Islands (and North Stradbroke Island) is innovative, resilient…

Farming the Islands Dave Tardent's view

In late 2013, residents from across South East Queensland gathered at 'The Lemon Farm' on Macleay Island, Southern Moreton Bay, to consider and discuss the potential for local farming practice, on what was once fertile, productive farming land for the benefit of residents in Redland City and across SEQ. Dave Tardent is an island resident and a local food advocate.

Craig Tapp LINES in the SAND

Local Artist Craig Tapp talks about his work in the 2012 LINES in the SAND festival, higlighting the importance of caring for our land and waters. His art work demonstrates how important it is to have a community approach to the way we look after this amazing planet we live on. Craig explains how each of us play a part and how everything we do impacts on the environment. Craig is a…

Birkdale Traffic Safety

On Tuesday 19th March, a senior RCC Officer will attend the Birkdale St James Neighbourhood Watch meeting at 7.30 to discuss safety and speed issues at the intersection of Quarry/St James/Thorneside road, where a much respected local resident was tragically killed in an accident earlier this year. Though the accident seems to have been the result of failure to observe road signals, Community have expressed interest in understanding more about…

Thorneside Pedestrian Crossing Update

After overwhelming community support in favour of a safe crossing point on Thorneside Road, crossing advocate Peter Black, a vision impaired resident of Thorneside, will present a petition to council with over 150 signatures from local residents in coming weeks. In light of the recent accident at the intersection, and regular placement of Police speed cameras that have been charging motorists with driving too fast in the area, I remain…

Tree Management in the Redlands

We are so lucky to live in the lush, green area we call home. It wouldn’t be the same if we lost our trees. Council is committed to making life as manageable as possible for residents as we maintain our natural environmental beauty. Recent summer storms have highlighted many issues that impact local families and property owners. Please refer to this handy fact sheet that council has prepared to help…

HORSES FOR COURSES: People of Different Ability have a new Champion

Claire Byrne loves horses. While some would say that Claire is vision impaired and has congential osteoporosis, they might not realise her VISION for helping people has created a regional attractor: Calisto Park Equestrian Centre. This is a grassroots whole of community, civic and commercial enterprise with an altruistic heart. Claire and her mother, Janet Butler (A proud Birkdale resident) have worked with property owner, Lorette Wigan, Mens Sheds, Redlands…

Mens Sheds in Redland City: Helping men to work ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’

Redland City fellas have got so much to offer, but it’s not always easy to know where to go, what to do, or how to make a difference. Mens Shed Australia is making a big difference and Redland City Blokes are leading a charge to support Local Community Action in our area. Have a look at these video’s I have put together and see if you know anyone in Division…

Fires come close to home

January was Australia’s hottest month on record. Bushfires raged across the eastern sea-board and Redland city endured emergency scenario’s on Stradbroke Island and were placed on alert during a bushfire in Birkdale. Redland City Officers sent two mobile fire trucks and crew to support Qld Fire Service pumpers at the Commonwealth Lands off Old Cleveland Road East as a grassfire threatened property and required a strategic back-burn. I happened to…

State mowing & litter collection in crisis

Last year, the Queensland State government decided to remove funding from council to maintain vegetation and litter collection from State controlled roads. This left... (Read more) ...large areas of land in Division 10 looking terribly overgrown and littered with bottles, rubbish and debris. I received a number of calls from residents, who understandably are not always aware which roads are council or state controlled, they just want them clean and…

Oswald causes flood, erosion and damage to vegetation & property across Redland city

After baking in January’s sweltering heat, ex-tropical cyclone Oswald made an unwelcome visit for the Australia Day weekend, reminding us of the need to be prepared for storm season. Rising waters were matched by winds in excess of 100km/hr, bringing down power-lines, trees and damaging property across much of SEQ. Thankfully, there were no reports of serious injury in our city, which was very welcome news. It has been a…
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