Redlands Biting Midges Featured

Mongrel Mini Midges:

For those impacted by the Coastal Biting Midge, be assured, you are not alone.
These pesky little monsters fly into people’s houses, through fly screens & annoy many residents.
As a resident of St James Park, my family and I are also impacted by these unwelcome little gnats.
Over the past 2 years, the number of midges seems to have increased in Thorneside/Birkdale area.
As a result, I have asked RCC Officers to release any and all relevant local information about them.
Fortunately, there is a lot of information that has been compiled by RCC Officers, in response to the questions you have been asking.
Unless state government (which manages invasive/pest species) reviews the status of the midge as a health hazard, or until a breakthrough in treatment becomes available, experts say that management seems the best and only current option.

I encourage residents to join the Redlands Midge Page on Facebook Page for any tips, suggestions or other relevant news about these annoying critters. 

As information comes to hand, I will paste any relevant updates on the Facebook Group and via my Cr Paul Bishop Facebook Page
Thanks to all who have been involved in the process so far.
The good news is that their annual breeding cycle winds down after March.
Last modified on 30 March 2016

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21 March 2016
Paul Bishop
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